Apprise Team Member Michael Gallo Writes on How Technology Has Helped Labour Inspectors in Thailand

Visiting Research Assistant at the United Nations University Institute in Macau (UNU-Macau) Michael Gallo wrote on how technology has impacted labor inspectors in Thailand. Focused on Apprise, Michael published a blog post on February 5 via the UNU-Macau website detailing his observations regarding feedback and insights on the utilisation of Apprise in Port In-Port Out (PIPO) Centres throughout Thailand. Labour inspectors that Michael and his colleague Monticha “Dear” Puthawong interviewed remarked that Apprise’s multiple language features allowed them to reach a larger number of individuals in the initial reach-out process. In the post, Michael also pointed out that “Many inspectors also shared how technologies such as Apprise enable them to do their job more efficiently and effectively.” During interviews with Michael and Dear, boat owners also remarked on how the regulatory environment in Thailand has affected their businesses since dramatic publicly policy changes have been enacted for Thailand to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated(IUU) fishing. On his experience as a whole, Michael remarked: “Seeing Apprise being utilised in a real-world scenario for the first time contextualised everything I have been learning about and I was able to make deeper insights, drawing from the understanding and knowledge base I have been developing since joining UNU.”

The blog post, “How Technology Has Helped Labour Inspectors at Port In-Port Out Centres in Thailand,” is available here:

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