Apprise Audit showcased at the OSCE 19th Alliance against Trafficking in Persons

Silvia Mera speaking at the 19th OSCE Alliance against Trafficking in Persons event in Vienna.

Tech Against Trafficking conducted a landscape analysis to understand and map the landscape of existing tech tools currently being used in the anti-trafficking sector. Over 250 tools were identified across a wide range of geographies, target users, and focus areas, with the vast majority working on the identification of victims and traffickers. The tools cover the spectrum of technologies, from facial recognition, blockchain, artificial intelligence, to big data analysis and visualization, and basic smartphone apps.

Silvia showcased Apprise Audit at the Tech against Trafficking side event at the OSCE 19th Alliance against Trafficking in Persons in Vienna, Austria. This side event aimed to showcase findings from this landscaping mapping, highlight trends and gaps across the field of technology solutions working to combat human trafficking. Tree organizations demoed the tech tools they have deployed and demonstrated the impact they have had to date.

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